DNP3bean is a pure Java library that implements the DNP3 standard for both master (i.e. client) and outstation (i.e. server) applications.

  • Network layer: TCP listening, initiating, and dual-endpoints
  • Data Link layer: all functionality supported
  • Reading
    • reading static data, events, classes, and more
    • reading ranges (0x00, 0x01 qualifiers)
    • reading all data points (0x06 qualifier)
    • reading all with limits (0x07, 0x08 qualifiers)
  • Writing (master only)
  • Select/Operate and Operate Direct of Analog Outputs (master only)
  • Enabling/Disabling Unsolicited Responses (master only)

A demo of the library and its console app ist provided for testing purposes. It supports all features of the full commercial variant but it can only be used for 10 minutes once it connects for the first time. For a commercial license please send an e-mail via the contact form .